Overview of E-prescribing via MDEHRx

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Overview of the E-prescribing process to transmit e-prescriptions to outside pharmacies.

Patient Safety and Use of E-prescribing. 

Patient safety can be improved through E-Prescribing by increasing prescription legibility, decreasing the time required to prescribe medications and dispense them to patients, and decreasing medication errors and adverse drug events.  

The E-prescribing Process

1. Search for Patient


2. Prescriptions Tab


3. Write E-prescription


4. Select Pharmacy (not required for in-house prescriptions)

Note:Formulary Info is used to display Real-time Formulary Benefits information obtained from PBMs and Surescripts for patients and Insurances that are supported. Additional details available in an
Advanced E-Prescribing help article.

5. Enter Medication and details

You can create new prescriptions based on previous prescriptions, or create new prescriptions.

6. Go to Verification Step


7. Transmit or Create Prescriptions



Viewing Past E-Prescriptions


From the side bar, select Patients -> EPrescriptions, then select a date range.


Handling Refill Requests


From the side bar, select Patients -> Surescripts Requests

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