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Created December 2, 2019 By MDScripts

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NEW FEATURE: MDScripts has released a new Prescription writing tool to better assist users who are writing in-house and electronic e-prescriptions. The new RxPad will replace the Legacy Prescription writing function in January and provides a single interface for all prescription creation functions.

RxPad Introduction and Features

The RxPad is a new Prescription Writing tool in MDScripts that is used to write in-house as well as electronic prescriptions. The RxPad was originally released several months ago, but has undergone several major updates during recent releases.

The RxPad will be replacing the Legacy Prescription writing area in the system by January 1st, 2020.

Previously, the Legacy Prescription writing function was found on the Prescriptions screen by selecting "Write Prescriptions" and only offered the option to write an in-house prescription.

The RxPad can be accessed from the top menu bar on the Patient Profile.

The Rx Pad is separated into 3 main areas:

  1. Patient Information
    1. Patient can be Edited by selecting the "Edit" button on the top menu bar
  2. New Prescription Creation
    1. Users can add up to 12 prescriptions at a time.
  3. Previous Prescriptions
    1. A Previous Prescription can be copied as a New Prescription by selecting the " Add" button.

Writing a Basic Prescription

This is a sample of writing a basic prescription for an in-house dispense. See below for an advanced example including e-prescribing.

  1. Begin by typing medication name into field and choose appropriate strength/form from the list, or click on the " Add" button from a previous prescription.
    1. If Inventory exists in the site, a barcode icon will appear under the medication name.
  2. Enter the Qty, Sig, ICD10, Day Supply and Refill information
  3. Select Providers and enter Dates as appropriate.
    1. Written Date: Date the Prescription is written.
    2. Effective Date: First date the script can be filled (defaults to Written Date if left blank)
    3. End Date: Last date script can be filled. Script will be discontinued after this date. Defaults to 1 year from Written date for non-controlled medications and 180 days for controlled medications.
  4. If adding more than one prescription, select "Add Prescription" button to add an additional line to the RxPad.
    1. If no button is shown, select on the "Update" button in order to save existing entries.
  5. Once all medications are entered, select "Continue"

Verify Prescription Information

  1. Review Prescription information and DUR Check (if enabled).
  2. Select to Queue the patient and select "Create Prescription" after verifying details

Confirmation Screen

Once prescription(s) are created, user can use the Print options or select "Dispense" at the top of the screen to begin the dispensing process for the patient.

Writing an E-Prescription & Advanced Features

This example assumes your site has been setup for Electronic E-prescribing and that the provider has been enrolled in Surescripts. See the MDEHRx Setup article for information on how to register.

Select Third Party Pharmacy to transmit e-prescription

User can use type-ahead search box to find pharmacy to send e-prescription to. Favorites can also be setup per site and per patient that can easily be selected by selecting the "Favorites" link.

Toggle In-house or E-prescription

Prescription Benefits and Real-Time Formulary

There are 4 tabs of Benefit information that can be reviewed by user:

  1. Eligibility: What insurance coverage does the patient have?
  2. Rx History: What dispenses have been reported to Surescripts from third party pharmacies?
  3. Real-Time Formulary: Are current meds being prescribed covered by plan?
  4. Real-Time Prescription Benefit: Check prescription coverage across different pharmacy types

E-Prescribing Process with Benefits Information

As the user is adding E-prescriptions to the RxPad (in-house toggle is off) and they have patient consent the Real-time Benefits and Formulary information will be checked for each medication as they are added to the RxPad.

User is also alerted if medication that is being e-prescribed is available in inventory so that it can be dispensed in-house instead of e-prescribed.

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